The company currently has over $132 million in documented product demand requests, and is now beginning its next stage of growth.

EcoEmissions© is an innovative Canadian company with the first industry-proven, cost-effective and commercially viable technology that substantially improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions of commercial and industrial diesel engines.

The EcoEmissions© team uses a practical, step-by-step, hands-on approach to solve both new and existing environmental and efficiency problems related to diesel engines.

Over the past two years, Gary Miller, Chief Product Engineer, Research and Development engineer, has developed a new and new improved commercial system with broad applications for all diesel engines by inventing a newly patented process and delivery system that produces measurable and repeatable results in daily commercial use to the already proven EcoEmissions© technology.

EcoEmissions© now has the exclusive rights to this patent on the delivery system, making this the only technology that can deliver in this manner.

And that’s just the beginning.

Finally, EcoEmissions© benefits from integrated and truly impressive technical and management teams with international experience. Together they bring vast experience to the company. The EcoEmissions© team has the working experience in Europe, Africa and North & South America.

Today, that team’s focus remains the same: ‘scaling up production to meet existing demand, and extending our manufacturing and sales network internationally to service existing and new clients.’

Management & Engineers

Our EcoEmissions© Team has the working experience in Europe and North & South America.

President & CEO
Larry Lorenz, 30 years of international experience in business, business development, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, trade, investment and consulting services through affiliate offices worldwide. Managing Director, and President of the Genera Pacific Group of Companies.

Mr. Lorenz is a former Director of the B.C. division on the Canadian Manufacturers Association.

Mr. Lorenz is involved with various Environmental Groups and Companies including the world famous Carbon War Room.

Chief Product Engineer, Research & Development
Gary Miller – over 30 years’ experience of design and testing automotive systems for General Motors Corporation.
Mr. Miller worked as a Technical Writer, Resident Instructor at a General Motors Training Center, Regional Service Manager, and for twenty years served as a Field Test Engineer/Engineering Facilities, Manager (Domestic and International), Project Engineer. Mr. Miller managed multiple pre-production built, light and medium truck durability tests in an accelerated thermal performance environment.

Mr. Miller owns Emissions Resource Group in Phoenix, Arizona, and developed and patented the “Pressurized – Catalyst Injection System”.

Mr. Miller has a B.S. Degree in Engineering.