Aerospace Hiner Group 特别新闻稿 signs strategic cooperation agreement with EcoEmissions

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2017年2月17日 –航天海纳集团, 作为一家领先的航空航天器材配件产品销售的多元化企业,今天对外宣布与Ecoemissions,一家专注于开发和销售创新节能环保产品及节能环保解决方案并具有广泛全球业务的加拿大企业之间的战略合作签约仪式完成。

February 17, 2017 – Aerospace Hiner Group, a diversified company that sells a leading aerospace equipment accessories product, today announced with EcoEmissions, a company focused on developing and selling innovative energy-saving environmentally friendly products and energy saving solutions Extensive global business of Canadian companies between the strategic cooperation signing ceremony was completed.


Aerospace Hiner will become the partner of the environmental protection and energy saving products catalyst injection system ™ (CIS ™) technology sales distributor in China.

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“This strategic partnership is another milestone in the development of eco-friendly energy-saving industries, and we are confident of EcoEmissions’ technological strength and innovation potential in the field of energy saving and environmental protection,” said Mr. Jiang, chairman of Aerospace Hiner. Continue to increase investment in environmental protection and energy conservation technology, and in the industry chain collaboration, the market above to give more support, and constantly enhance the competitiveness of existing products market at the same time, to explore the future development opportunities.

EcoEmissions公司主席兼CEO Larry N.Lorenz 博士说到:“此次战略合作将极大推动 EcoEmissions全球业务拓展,尤其在前景巨大的中国市场,有助公司在全球节能环保领域取得领先地位。我们感谢航天海纳对我们过去成绩的认可。EcoEmissions将以更大的热情投入到今后的运营中,为公司、客户和员工创造更大的辉煌。

“This strategic partnership will greatly enhance EcoEmissions’ global business expansion, especially in the promising Chinese market,” said Dr. Larry N. Lorenz, Chairman and CEO of EcoEmissions. “We are grateful to the company for its commitment to global energy efficiency and environmental protection. Heiner will recognize our past achievements, and EcoEmissions will be more enthusiastic to invest in future operations, for the company, customers and employees to create greater glory.”

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