These results require no costly engine modifications and are available for virtually any size engine from the smallest diesel tractor to the worldŐs largest cruise ships.

For nearly a century, engineers have focused on the moment of combustion to enhance diesel engine performance and catalytic filters to reduce exhaust.

EcoEmissions looked elsewhere for their ground-breaking discovery.

Focusing on the pre-combustion stage, our engineers introduced a platinum-based catalyst into the cylinder chamber before ignition to lower the burn-point of the fuel.

The result is a shorter delay before ignition, a longer burn cycle, a smoother power stroke and more complete burning of the fuel

Simply put, more power, superior fuel efficiency and longer engine life.

Producing a 10-20% Increase In Fuel Efficiency

By burning fuel more efficiently, EcoEmissions reduces diesel costs in real-life usage by 10-20%, while cutting emissions of particulate matter by 50-70%, and emissions of hydrocarbons and nitrous oxides (NOx) by 40% or more.

Additional benefits include a cleaner-running engine, superior engine harmonics, cleaner engine oil, reduced friction and longer engine life.

Most significantly, these results require no costly engine modifications, and are available for engines of virtually any size, scale or configuration — from the smallest diesel tractor to the world’s largest cruise ships.

In other words, EcoEmissions truly does provide a global solution.

A Patented Pre-Combustion Process

EcoEmissions’ technology isn’t just a breakthrough. It’s patented!

More specifically, the company has an exclusive patent on the delivery system, making this the only technology that can deliver catalyst in this manner.

In other words, this isn’t just a global solution. It’s an exclusive one!

Diesel Operation - animated imageOn the Intake Stroke the catalyst enters the engine as an inert vapor.

On the Compression Stroke the catalyst becomes active at 60° Celsius and begins to break down soot inside the engine.

On the Combustion Stroke the fuel enters into the engine.  The  catalyst activates the fuel to begin burning immediately. A quicker ignition means more power and fuel savings.

On the Exhaust Stroke the emissions are discharged.  A longer and more efficient fuel burn means fewer emissions and less black smoke.